I’m a Chicago-based writer and stand-up comedian interested in whales, Southwest Michigan, flirting, classical music, and the film, Force Majeure. Most frequently I write about classical music for The Awl and about movies for Bright Wall/Dark Room, though I have also written for The A.V. Club, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Jezebel, MEL Magazine, Uproxx, etc. I perform stand-up in and around the city of Chicago and the midwest at large. Chicago Magazine named me the Best Rising Comic in 2016, which was generous and unexpected. I’m currently an Associate Video Director at The Onion. Please do not email me at my personal email address with regards to anything Onion-related.

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How has The Lonely Island so perfect and funny and stupid for the last decade? What happens when you travel cross-country for a first Tinder date? How do you move on from your forever apartment in a culture of constantly moving forward?

What happens when you put all of your crushes in a Facebook group together? Is Zac Efron a character actor in a leading man’s body? Any further questions about Magic Mike XXL?