I’m a Chicago-based writer and stand-up comedian interested in whales, Southwest Michigan, flirting, classical music, astrology, where you buy nice candles, and the film, Force Majeure.

I perform stand-up in and around the city of Chicago and the midwest at large. Chicago Magazine recently named me the Best Rising Comic in 2016, which, thank you and also wow.

email // franhoepfner [at] gmail [dot] com
twitter // franhoepfner
instagram // franhoepfner

upcoming shows

* ~ I’m doing shows again ~ *

5/13 – Paper Machete, The Green Mill, 3pm, free!
6/3 – Seven Minutes In Purgatory, Lincoln Hall, 8pm, $10
6/3 – ClickHole Live!, Lincoln Hall, 10:30pm, $10
6/25 – Hoo HA Comedy, Schubas, tbd, donation only
7/14 – ???, CIC, ???, ??? my friends asked me to do this one and I forgot all the details

selected portfolio

The AV Club
You’re The Worst is TV’s most accurate depiction of 21st century dating (September 2015)
Zac Efron is a character actor—he just doesn’t know it yet (September 2015)
Kitchen Confidential is a recipe for ensemble casting at its finest (January 2015)

The Awl
> Fun To Hate (June 2016)
> McDonald’s Is The Only Restaurant That Should Be In Airports (September 2016)
> Classical Music Hour with Fran (weekly column)

Bright Wall/Dark Room
> Now Playing: Hell Or High Water (September 2016)
FAQ About The Best Movie Of 2015: on Magic Mike XXL (December 2015)
The Thing About Ghent: on Film Fest Gent/Force Majeure (December 2014)
Cruelty and Splendor, Chaos, Balance (Or: It Gets Worse): on Carnage (October 2013)

Brooklyn Magazine
Absolutely No One Is Fucking In Brooklyn (May 2016)
> Here’s 50 Flirts, co-written with Aubrey Bellamy (February 2016)
Modern Like (January 2016)

> How Do You Stay Somewhere Forever? (March 2016)

What I Learned From Putting All of My Crushes Into a Secret Facebook Group (December 2015)

I Can Water My Virtual Plants, But Not Myself (January 2016)

> The Lonely Island Is Take-Proof, Stupid, And Perfect (March 2016)
My Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist Thinks I Am A Garbage Person (January 2016)
> Chicago Is Just as Cold and Horny and Boringly Comfortable as Easy Makes It Look (September 2016)

The Kind
Ansel Elgort Is Pretty Good (January 2016)
Elevated Cinema: The Revenant (January 2016)
The 4:20 Text: A Tether Of Friendship (November 2015)
Elevated Cinema: No Country For Old Men (November 2015)

Why Veep Is The Best Comedy Since Arrested Development (June 2015)

On being ugly (December 2015)

MEL Magazine
> The New Season of ‘Black Mirror’ Suggests Technology Might Actually Be Bad (October 2016)

Screener TV
> ‘Chef’s Table’ is the exact opposite of must-see TV, but you still have to watch (October 2016)

@FranHoepfner on Tombstones and Taking Her Time to Write Jokes (July 2015)